Inspiration! Roundup: Capitalism... For Good?, Motion, Captured, Minimum Wage, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Somewhere dreamy and vintage and nature-y feels like a good fit right now.
Photo by Annie Spratt.

Capitalism... for good?

Patagonia continues to truly impress me as a company working from within the capitalist system while undermining the worst parts of capitalism and pursuing actual, ethical practices. For a long time, they have given the option of purchasing repaired used clothes from their website, and now they are sharing sewing tutorials for how customers can repair their own clothes. They are the inspo for capitalism done well.

Motion, Captured

Photographer Shinichi Maruyama has an incredible series of photos of nude dancers in motion that are more like paintings than anything else.

(via International Photo Mag.)

Minimum Wage

In another example of capitalism that hasn't gone off the rails into evil, a few years back, a Seattle CEO made the minimum wage at his company $70,000 across the board. At the time, there were a few articles about how exciting this was and a few about how damaging it was for his company. Well, someone checked in after it had time to make an impact, and guess what? The company is more productive and profitable AND staff are able to do things like actually have a family. I am truly wondering if it's possible to make a similar move at the company I run, except we are grant-funded...

Get Lost With Silvia

There is something to get lost in when it comes to Silvia Stetcher's illustrations.

(via Creative Boom)

To Be Met

“To meet someone. And be met.
To be chosen. To choose.
To love. To be loved.
This is everything.”
— Mark Groves

If you're like me, the first thing you will think of when reading this quote is romantic love, but think of all the contexts and ways you can be met, be chosen, and be loved. It really is everything.

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