This Year, Everything Will Work Out

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Do you make new year's resolutions?

I do, sort of.

The new year is certainly one of the seasons where I like to take some time to reflect on my life and what I want from it. Sometimes, I actually put effort into setting proper goals and even alter my routines and habits to make them happen. Other times, I just make lists of where my life has been and where I want it to go and then let them get buried by time.

This year, however, I am making a change. Call it a resolution, commitment, or perhaps a motto but I am going to do something different. I am going to approach my life as if everything is going to work out.

I have written about this idea in the past, as a magical tool to stop getting in my own way, and at the time, I wrote about it as if it's a thing I do all the time. I don't. I get in my own way frequently and spend way too much time living in the potential for future failure. I get discouraged a lot. In general, the dearer a goal is to my heart, the more haphazardly I pursue it.

This year, however, everything is going to work out.

Not by magic. Not because I imagined success and then it will float into my life on a fluffy pink cloud. No, I will still have to do whatever work is necessary for my dreams to come true. But then they will, and that's all there is to it. Any setback I encounter along the way will simply be a part of the story of how I made it in the end.

(In case you're wondering, there is absolutely a voice in my head telling me that this won't work. It knows that sometimes dreams don't come true, but reminding myself of that certainly doesn't motivate me to do the work with a full and hopeful heart. So it doesn't matter if sometimes dreams don't come true. This year, my motto is that everything will work out.)

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