Inspiration! Roundup: Define Good Enough, Receiving, Happy Broadcasts, and More!

Animated gif: a black and white drawing of a cat meowing at a door labelled "2020", the door opens
This Week's "I want to go to there": 2020, let's do it. Also, I am on vacation and miss my cat!

Good Enough

On New Year's Day, why not start by defining good enough, so you can know when you've actually reached it?


“It’s so very hard, receiving. When you give something, you’re in much greater control. But when you receive something, you’re so vulnerable.”
-Jeanne Marie Laskas

Since we've just come through a season of giving and receiving, it's a great time to ask yourself how you handle receiving. Especially when you are having an actual NEED met by someone else.

Happy Broadcast

Go follow The Happy Broadcast on Instagram now now nowwwwwww! It features illustrations of happy news headlines and is JUST what your Insta feed needs.

What Makes You Happy?

"There are two dangers of measuring happiness along just one axis. The first is that you will be easily disappointed, because the unbalanced approach to maximizing a single variable increases the chance that you will end up behind.
And the second is that you might actually succeed in hitting a limit. And then where will you find your happiness?"
-Seth Godin

Embrace Joy

I am not going to lie, I am a Grumpy Greta when it comes to snow (and winter in general), but, like many of you, I am inspired by this mom's dedication to joyful snowblowing.

Dress Up

Last winter everyone was posting pics of themselves in matching pajamas with their grandparents. Well, this guy beat us all: he and his grandma are dressing up for some ridiculous pictures and it's on firrrrrrre!

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