Inspiration! Roundup: A Brighter World, Satisfaction, The Heart Remembers, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": I want to visit this dreamy dreamscape.
Photo by Pawel Svmanski.

A Brighter World

William Santiago is a Brazilian illustrator whose work is so bright and colourful I want to live in it.


“Satisfaction is always available. It is just not always looked for. If, when you enter any experience, you enter with curiosity, respect and interest you will emerge enriched and with awareness you have been enriched. Awareness of enrichement is what satisfaction is.”
-Ann E. Hastings

The Heart Remembers

Love this "The Heart Remembers" book.

Fly Me to the Moon

Just try not to get swept away with Nancy Liang's carefree animations.

It's Your Right

A court in the Netherlands has ruled that people deserve protection from climate change. Biiiig chef's kiss to them!

The Receptionist Delivers!
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