Learning! Roundup: Control Your Goals, Status Complications, 52 Lessons, and More!

A flat lay picture of a goal tracking sheet of paper with pens laying across it
Photo by Isaac Smith.

Control Your Goals

It might seem obvious that people high in self-control are more likely to achieve their goals, thanks to, you know, the self-control it takes to do so. However, it looks like they also might choose better goals in the first place: people who are high in self-control are more likely to choose goals that are in line with their true selves.

The Complicated Life of a High-Status Lady

As any woman with a high-status career will tell you, being an independent, high-powered lady can complicate their dating life. Here's some scientific backing for that: the level of a woman's attractiveness interacts with her status to determine whether or not men will dismiss her as a potential mate. Meaning, if a woman is high status and moderately attractive, she will be dismissed. If she is high status and also attractive, men will remain interested.

52 Lessons

If you're looking for some interesting facts, look no further than Tom Whitwell's list of 52 things he learned in 2019. For example, did you know that emojis are starting to show up as evidence in court cases, which is just a little problematic since their meanings are not universal?

New Dolphins

Thanks to differing habitats, bottlenose dolphins are actually splitting into two different species. Evolution!

Good News

If you need a little more good news as we start 2020, Time Magazine put together a list (including graphs!) of 20 ways the world got better in 2019.

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