Inspiration! Roundup: Small World, Interior Design, Flutters, and More!

A photo of a breakfast table covered in dishes, in front of a window looking out on a snowy landscape. The colours are all muted.
This Week's "I want to go to there": Doesn't this jus look nice and cozy?
Photo by Ihor Malytskyi.

Small World

The Nikon Small World competition always gives the world some incredible photography. Here are the top twenty from the 2019 contest - they are incredible! Nature is incredible!

Interior Design

Photographer James Friedman did a series called Interior Design, featuring the surprisingly colourful insides of golf balls. What fun!

Indigenous Around the World

Photographer Jimmy Nelson went all over the world, photographing Indigenous tribes everywhere he went. Scrolling through the collection of individual portraits, which you can find in this Daily Mail article, I was struck by the fact that, despite the differences between everyone, there seemed to be an underlying similarity to people who live so connected to the land and their own history. If you visit his Instagram page, you can find stories from the people who were photographed.


I love illustrator Vlad Stankovic's nature animations. (Via Colossal.)

Art by Vlad Stankovic via Colossal.

Weird Art

Sometimes, contemporary art is weird and is probably meaningless. Like that guy who taped a banana to a wall and called it art. Sometimes, however, contemporary art is weird and then when you learn what it's about it's deeply impactful. Like Felix Gonzalez-Torres' piece "Untitled", which is a pile of free candy in the corner of an art gallery.

The candy must weigh 175 pounds and patrons are invited to take a piece. 175 pounds is how much Torres' partner weighed when he died of AIDS. By taking a piece of candy, patrons taste his sweetness, but also participate in consuming his body until it is gone. Stunning.

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