Does This Belong in My Heart?

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Inspired by the lovely and prolific Beth Evans, there is one question I want to start asking myself when I realize something is occupying space in my life: "Does this belong in my heart?"

A quick brainstorm:

Reminders that the worst thing will (or could) happen: no
Hopes: yes
Reminders that I have been rejected before: no
Simple pleasures: yes
Certain people: no
Humanity's plight, in general: yes
Certain other people: yes
Someone else's choices: no
Fun: yes
Anything that compares me to someone else: no

So basically, in are hope, love, joy, and connection. Out are fear, obligation, and self-pity.

How am I going to kick something OUT of my heart if it doesn't belong there? Pffffft. Who knows. But I am going to go out on a limb and guess that recognizing it doesn't belong is a good first step. Then probably talking to my counsellor is the next.

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