Learning! Roundup: Getting Cold and Lonely, Viagra Helps Labour, Maslow's Hierarchy Redux, and More!

A black and white photo of a person walking down a snowy street from behind, they are alone.
Photo by Viktor Kern.

Cold and Lonely

Our body temperatures may actually influence our desire for social interaction. When we get cold, we are more likely to seek out social connections than when we are warm. Perhaps when we are physically cold we also think we are emotionally cold?

Viagra Helps Labour

Viagra increases blood flow to our nether regions, and it looks like this might help reduce the need for emergency c-sections in labour. By half!

Maslow's Hierarchy Redux

If you've taken an intro psychology class, you know Maslow's Hierarchy, which asserts that people need to have their basic physical needs and safety met before they can move up the triangle into more emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs until they reach the peak: self-actualization. According to the Blackfoot Nation's way of thinking, this is wrong. They begin with self-actualization, then community actualization, and then cultural perpetuity. The inversion is intriguing and beautiful.

Paternity Leave Saves Marriages

Want to prevent divorce among married couples with children? Give the dads parental leave. A new analysis, based on Iceland's recent shift to encourage fathers to take parental leave, shows that couples who do this are less likely to separate. It's almost as if women don't love being 100% responsible with childcare and it benefits a man's connection to his family to spend time with them.

Give Praise

I've never had to manage a classroom in any significant way, so I have no idea what it's like to have 20-35 kids that I have to get to sit down and listen and just please learn something. According to new research, teachers who do have to do that will have greater success if they focus on praising good behaviour than punishing bad behaviour, though.

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