You're Still Awesome (You Just Feel Like Crap)

You are awesome, you just feel like crap
Giphy (Kitty Lo)

My dear friend Alison said this, and I think it needs to be shared far and wide:

"You're still awesome, you just feel like crap."

Okay, she actually used a different word than "crap", but I am making it family-friendly.

In fact, I have added this saying to the roster of randomly-appearing encouragements that pop up on my phone, but with one small edit: mine says, "you're still awesome, even when you feel like crap."

It's not quite as punchy, but I don't want to assume that I'm always going to be feeling like crap, all the time.

So if you feel like crap, remember that you are still, most certainly, awesome. You just don't feel it right now.

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