Inspiration! Roundup: We Have Always Wanted to Share, Food Photos, Trying to Get Through Life, and More!

A roundup of inspirational things, including a SFMOMA art exhibit snap + share, Fragmento Universo food photos, and the question of superpowers
This Week's "I want to go to there": This seems like a good place to imagine things, doesn't it?
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski.

The Impulse to Share

A new art installation looks nonjudgmentally at our impulse to share images, and how the technology may have changed but the human desire to be seen has been around forever. Blending old postcards and new snapchats, as well as hundreds of tourist photos of the Golden Gate Bridge taken at the exact same angle, the exhibit snap + share at the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art looks super interesting.

Fragmento Universo

Tessa Doniga's food photography is hilarious and so much fun.

Getting Through

In an article about how to block out disruptions in an open office, I came across this statement:

"Remove your headphones and devote a minute or two to listening to a fellow human being who, like you, is simply trying to make it through this life in a manner that is personally enjoyable and does as little harm as possible."

Oooooh boy. In general, I could use every reminder out there that we are all just doing our best to get through life.

Wild Animals

Ellen Jewett's sculptures are these wild blends of plant and animal, and I could stare at them for quite some time.

Super Powers

“The thing that comes most easily to you is probably also your superpower. For the longest time I thought my strengths — like making conversation — were nothing special because they felt effortless to me. But over time, I’ve learned that your power lies in your true nature. It is inherently yours, and you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to use it. Own it.” — Uli Beutter Cohen

I continually need to remind myself that I should do the things that come easily to me, if for no other reason that they don't come easily to others. For example, I am perfectly comfortable public speaking, while others would rather die than step in front of a crowd. That probably means I should volunteer to be the one speaking more often.

The Receptionist Delivers!
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