Inspiration! Roundup: Windy Tree Time, Mistakes, Hand Stamps, and More!

A roundup of things to be inspired by: nature, making mistakes, finding gratitude over fear, and more!
This week's "I want to go to there": Let's go hang out at a beautiful mountain lake.
Photo by Tom Gainor.

Tree Time

These windy trees are incredibly hypnotic. Video courtesy of Dimitar Karanikolov Photography.


Small mistakes:
1. Messing up school exams.
2. Not finishing college.
3. Failing at your first business.
4. Failing at your second.

Big Mistakes:
1. Not listening to your gut.
2. Not keeping your word.
3. Not looking after yourself.
4. Not looking for the good in people.

-Do Lectures

Hand Stamps

I love Andrea Lauren's hand-carved stamps!

Fear and Gratitude

“I cannot pretend I am without fear. But my predominant feeling is one of gratitude. I have loved and been loved; I have been given much and I have given something in return; I have read and traveled and thought and written. I have had an intercourse with the world, the special intercourse of writers and readers. Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.”
-Oliver Sacks

Buffer's Pay Gap

There is nothing I like more than a company that's honest about its failings. Okay, what I'd like more is for there to be less failing going on, at least when it comes to equality, but heck, honesty is the first step. Buffer has released a report about their growing gender pay gap. Now let's see them fix it.

Committed vs. Attached

I am inspired and intrigued by this one. I intuitively know there is a difference between commitment and attachment, but I don't know if I could describe it very well yet. How would you define the difference between being committed to something or attached to it?

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