Learning! Roundup: Art Raises Kids' Self-Esteem, the Smell of Death, a New Runner's High, and More!

A roundup of research from the past week, including the fact that kids who participate in artistic activities have higher self-esteem, and older adults who can't smell die earlier.
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Raise Kids' Self Esteem with Art

It looks like participating in artistic activities, especially with their parents, is associated with higher self-esteem in kids. It's a correlation, but a pretty strong one that was tested for other factors. Kids who do creative activities every day, and are joined by their parents once or twice a week, fair the best.

Smelling Death

We may not have research about the impacts of artistic activities on the self-esteem of older adults, but what we do know is that those with a poor sense of smell will likely die earlier, specifically deaths related to dementia and Parkinson's. And we have no idea why.

Runner's High

The stereotype of marijuana users may be one of hanging in a basement with snacks and videogames, but in states where it's legal, eight out of ten users report consuming pot before or immediately after a workout. They say it makes the exercise session more fun and improves their recovery.

Anger Made Me Do It

When people are angry or afraid they do things they might not otherwise do, and now we know that, during those times, they actually feel like they have less agency or control over their actions.

Chatty Parents

If you've got a little baby in your life, the more you talk around them, the better for their cognitive development! A new study shows that babies who are exposed to more adult speech have better cognitive functioning than their counterparts.

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