Learning! Roundup: Blind Octopi, Measuring #MeToo, Panda Protein, and More!

Photo by Serena Repice Lentini.

Blind Octopi

Here is another sad repercussion of climate change: we are finding more low-oxygen zones in the ocean, and this leads to temporary blindness in many marine animals, including the lovely octopus.

Measuring #MeToo

A study looked at the frequency of sexual assault and harassment in women and men in America. It also looked at how often people admitted to having been the perpetrators of assault or harassment versus how often they had been accused of having done it (the statistics did not bear out the "false accusation" narrative).

Panda Protein

Pandas pretty much only eat bamboo and are the only vegetarian bears, and yet they get just as much protein as their meat-eating cousins! Weird, right?

Rich Artists

More evidence that the art world has a bit of a bubble for who gets "in": a new study says that people who come from wealthy families are more likely to go into creative work, and that every $10,000 in extra income represents a 2% increase in the likelihood of entering the arts. (This is a problem for art, FOR SURE!)

Gossip Girl - OR BOY!

There may be strong stereotypes that women get mean with their gossip more than men, but the largest study on gossip to date shows that most of our beliefs about gossip are wrong. Men and women engage in "tear down" gossip equally, as do rich and poor. The only real demographic difference is that young people gossip more than their older counterparts.

Languages Are For... Girls?

New research on the eye-rolling ridiculousness of strict gender roles: apparently, learning multiple languages is perceived as a more feminine pursuit, and thus avoided by men who are more traditionally masculine or have their masculinity threatened.

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