It's Actually Possible That Instagram Did Something.... Nice???

Photo by Prateek Katyal.


A couple of years ago, I pled with the internet to invent an Instagram "like"-blocker. Not to stop people from liking posts, but to hide the likes from view. I realized I was starting to care too much about how many likes my posts got, as well as comparing my numbers with others. That is NOT a recipe for happiness! I don't want to live that way!

Well, guess what? In an unfathomable turn, INSTAGRAM ITSELF has started making likes a little less obvious!!!

I noticed a few days ago that the tally of likes under posts just said one or two names and then "and others." Instantly a combination of suspicion and hope arose within me. I didn't believe that the platform that profits off our insecurities would actually do something to reduce said insecurities, but... could it be?

Then today my hopeful suspicions were confirmed! Instagram has, indeed, done away with like counters!



(Also, the app I did find that hid likes - on iphone only - seems to have been taken over by the exact opposite: some kind of build your following/become an influencer like-increasing scheme. Ugh.)

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