Recommended Read: Brick Mode

Put your phone into brick mode and save your sanity.
Photo by Nikoline Arns.

Have you heard of the concept of turning your phone into a brick?

The basic idea is to put it on Do Not Disturb mode, with an auto-response to any text you get so that you can feel okay about ignoring everyone.

It's all described in this article: How I Hacked My iPhone's Do Not Disturb While Driving Function and Significantly Improved My Life.

My first thought, honestly, is to just ignore your phone and don't worry about it. Anyone who gets angry that you don't reply to a text immediately doesn't understand how life works. Texting is asynchronous communication. Sometimes people see and reply instantly, sometimes they don't, sometimes they are interrupted, mid-text conversation with something that is happening right in front of them, only to remember they were talking to you a day later. It is what it is!

But I guess it's hard to have such a laissez-faire attitude when you've heard a ping from your phone and just know there is someone on the other side waiting on you and you don't know who it is or what they need and also we are all addicted to the serotonin hit from getting notifications in the first place, so we instinctively want to feed the machine.

It's actually the perfect example of meeting yourself where you're at. Sure, maybe if we were all "better people" we could just follow my first, slightly-judgemental, instinct and simply not look at our phones. But if that's not working, then we have a choice: get angry with ourselves and double down on the thing that isn't working, or find another way.

This is another way.

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