Recommended Read: What Does #MeToo Repentance Look Like?

Photo by Nitish Meena.

Jessica Valenti is one of the super-smart, must-follow feminist writers of our time. She wrote this thoughtful piece on the problem of repentance in the #MeToo movement, and how it's not really happening. I highly recommend we all read it.

Her basic thesis: a simple, sincere apology followed by real action to make amends seems to be impossible for the high-profile men accused of everything from harassment to assault. Instead, we get PR-style "apologies" (sometimes accompanied by cinnamon bun recipes) and/or deflection.

Some people seem to think there is no way for a man to satisfy the angry mob of pitchfork-wielding feminists once he is accused of something, but I think Valenti has a point: there doesn't seem to have been any effort for the most basic steps in seeking forgiveness.

Of course, you have to accept that you have done something wrong to genuinely seek forgiveness.

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