Learning! Roundup: A Life With Purpose, Light Disruptions, Creative Brains, and More!

A roundup of learning from the past week's research, including the fact that elderly people who believe life has meaning live longer!
Photo by Ian Schneider.

What's Your Purpose?

Here's one key to long life that we actually have some control over: sense of purpose. A new study shows that people who see their life as having meaning and purpose live longer than their counterparts.

Light Disruptions

File this one under "well then what is even the point?": with all the efforts to reduce screen time, and even turn overhead lights down in the evenings, it's now been shown that even dim candlelight before bed can disrupt sleep. SIGH.

Creative Brains

The brains of people in artistic fields of work use a totally different neural network while imagining future or distant scenarios than "regular" people and their brains. It's the "dream big" part of the brain!

Take a Break

We already know that knowledge and skills can solidify during breaks, and even that napping is good for your learning. A new study adds to this knowledge by showing that even teensy-tiny breaks of 10 seconds are helpful for learning a new skill.

Addiction Framing

For a while now, health professionals have been framing addiction as a disease to point out the medical aspects of the condition and try to reduce stigma. Now, it turns out, that this may have simply deterred people from seeking help: when an addiction is referred to as a disease it can make the addicted person think that there is nothing that can be done about it. Not quite the attitude we were going for!

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