Inspiration! Roundup: Communication, self-respect, Ideet Sharon, and a lot of bad bitches

This Week's "I want to go to there": ANYWHERE WITH SOME SUNSHINE!
I want to wake up after the sun has risen!
Photo by Charles Deluvio.

Communication is Key

"It takes two to be understood. Not just speaking clearly, but speaking in a way that you can be understood.

Empathy is not sufficient. Compassion is more useful, because it's possible to talk to someone who is experiencing something that you've never experienced."

-Seth Godin

I am a high-empathy person and I often have to remind myself/be reminded that this is not necessarily enough. Being able to feel (very powerfully) along with someone else as they share their experience can actually take away from them.

Assert Yourself

What is most relevant personal trait to your ability to be assertive? Apparently it's self-respect. The more you respect yourself, the more you are able to stand your ground. This one hits me hard, you guys.

Ideet Sharon Art

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"Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose."
-Josh Shipp

The Baddest Bitches

A Twitter user asked the world to name a badder bitch than Taylor Swift, and the result is a VERY long list of some VERY inspiring bad bitches throughout history. A couple of faves:

This impressive story:

And this simple list:

Anyone Can Sue the Government 

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a teenage rapper suing the US government for climate negligence. When asked if he will run for president one day, he says:

“Why do I have to be the most powerful man in the country in order to make a difference? Everything I’m fighting for right now is to disprove that, to say that I don’t need to be a politician to make a difference. I can be an artist, a people’s champion, and a community organizer, and make a difference.”

My eyes bugged out like a cartoon when I read that! Why do we all think you have to be at the top in order to make a difference? You really really don't.

Mother Daughter

Mother Earth and her daughter meet. By Jess X. Snow.

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