Bots to auto-like your friends' posts: giving social media a bad name

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Okay okay okay, I realize that social media doesn't need external help in dragging its name through the mud. What with its algorithms that induce silos and hide meaningful information in favour of the sensational and reinforce our moods and perspectives, it's pretty muddy on its own.

But here is something just insane: a bot that auto-likes your friends' posts on Instagram.

It was invented by a guy so that he could like his girlfriend's posts without having to put the effort into actually looking at them.

The weirdest thing is not that this exists, but that I came across it in an article about how useful it is.

Do I even need to say why this is terrible? Okay, I will:

One: It is patronizing. It assumes that you need to appease someone by liking all their posts.

Two: It is manipulative. It tricks someone into thinking you like their posts, why? So that they will like you more? So that they will think you like them more?

Three: It is deceptive. You don't actually like all their posts, nor do you like this person enough to a) bother looking at their posts or b) respect them and not trick them.

Four: It feeds into narcissism. If your friend/partner really does need to be appeased by having all their posts liked, it just feeds into that insanity. If someone is really asking you why you didn't like every single one of their posts, they have a problem, not you.

Five: It sets you up to look stupid. What if you like a post about their dog dying? Or where they say something like "if you like this, that means you agree with _____"?, which I wouldn't put past the type of person who demands all their posts be liked. What if they say something in reference to the post you liked and you have no idea what they're talking about because you didn't actually see it?

Six: Just stop it. Stop it. No. Put it down. Stop.

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