Inspiration! Roundup: Time's Up, hell for everyone, kindness, unexpected choreography, and more about resolutions!

This Week's "I want to go to there":
I want to move into a big, old, lavish theatre and dream all the dreams.

Time's Up

You probably already know about Time's Up, the powerhouse anti-harassment organization from the queens and duchesses of Hollywood. What I love most about it is that these rich and powerful women are not just making a statement: they pooled their money to create a legal fund for women who don't have their power. Also, you can buy merch that goes to the legal fund, so guess what I'm buying as gifts for everyone from now on???

If We're Lucky

If we are lucky, we will be as old as this woman one day. Here's her sweet advice:

"Some day you may be as old as I am. Please take my advice, and don't waste your short life. Invest your youthful vitality in your art. Share the best of your spirit with the world. Your body will die, but you cannot die. So, don't worry about petty things like bodies, money, and possessions. They pass with the body and are meaningless. Don't worry what anyone thinks of you. Don't seek approval, except form yourself. Your art and ideas are signs of your spirit. Your beauty endures forever, as do you."

Image found on Reddit.

Hell for Everyone

These descriptions of hell for each Myers-Briggs personality type made me laugh.

Fully Equipped

“Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped.”
– Carl Sagan

Something Bigger

Love this illustration by Teo Zirinis.

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Unexpected Choreography

Artist William Forsyth's installation at the Grande halle de la Villette in Paris forces museum patrons into a dance as they try to avoid hitting the swinging pendulums.

Tiny Changes

This roundup of tiny changes that have made a significant impact on people's lives is really interesting! I like one of the commenters' commitment to only purchase things after she has completely used up the thing it would replace. If you're still looking for some new year's resolution inspo, this might be a good place to start!

Speaking of Resolutions

Have you tried an itty-bitty resolution? Things that are entirely achievable, will add up to something valuable, and yet are so small they are almost embarrassing to tell people. The example given i this article is a process goal: instead of committing to write a novel, commit to write 100 words a day. Yeah, 100. That's a long-ish Facebook update. In fact, do it on Facebook.

They call it the "foot in the door". When I wanted to start writing again, I started by carving out one hour a week at a time that didn't require much sacrifice (between work an a regular weekly even where I usually just hung out at my desk for an extra hour anyways). It worked!

Enough Talk

Okay, now that thing you want to do that there are a bunch of excuses why you can't do it?

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