Learning! Roundup: Friendship and aging, clutter, line-switching, rotten apples, and more!

Friendship for Life

There is a lot of research out there about the importance of a secure social circle, and now there's more. In a recent study of "superagers", or women over 80 who are just as (or more) vibrant and cognitively sharp as 20-30-somethings, they found that the one place these women stood out was their close friendships.

Clutter Anxiety

There is now research to back the idea that clutter causes anxiety. I already relented to the fact that my mom was right on this one when I admitted to myself that I prefer a tidy home, but now she's got research on her side.


In general, I have given into the fact that I almost always choose the wrong line in the grocery store, but every once in a while I think I can game the system and get ahead, jumping from one line to another. New research shows that I am need to just give up on my queue-hopping dreams: switching lines almost always backfires.

Soft Skills

Google, also known as mecca for our STEM-obsessed society, has recently learned that its employees needed soft skills more than STEM knowledge. The most important skills for people who were hired, promoted, and succeeded were being a good coach, listening well, empathy, critical thinking, and the like. Looks like my theatre/psych degree SHOULD be getting me a job on Google's campus, then!

Rotten Apples

Want to watch movies that weren't made by known sexual predators? Visit Rotten Apples!

All the Single People

Researchers used to ignore single people, because they were just in a holding pattern until they found their way into matrimony. Turns out, some people like being single, and so they get research now to. Here is a collection of six new things researchers learned about single people in 2017, including the fact that single people have higher self-esteem than those in bad relationships, teenagers are less interested in sex, and single people hold a lot more power in society than ever before.

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