Cute! Roundup: Cats looking at turkeys, hedgehog excitement, 50 adorable pups, and more!

I spent this Christmas with my sister's cat, Kitty Princess. Here she is, looking upon the turkey that she shall not eat. (Until my dad fully gives in and passes her a piece.)


This hedgehog is a pretty perfect demo of my reaction to... well, pretty much anything exciting.

Buzzfeed made a collection of 50 pups that made 2017 a little more pleasant.

Did you know cats could lick their own fingers? THEY CAN!

Arrrrgh, what is it about yawning cats? Especially wild ones!

I had never even heard of a pangolin before, but now here is one climbing and it is cuuuuuute! (In a kind of odd way.)

Finally.... this sleeping dog holding stacks of Pringles:

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