Learning! Roundup: Unfamiliar laughter, MONKEY CLONES, sleep, victim blaming, and more!

Photo by Charles Etoroma.

Unfamiliar Laughter

We are very good at recognizing other people's voices, but not when they're laughing. If it's a real, spontaneous, genuine laugh, then we can't tell who it came from. Apparently this is linked all the way back to the early days of humanity, before we developed speech and the identifying characteristics that come with it. Back then, vocalizations were more about communicating information than identity.


Ummmm.... THEY HAVE CLONED MONKEYS. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience used the same technique used to create Dolly the Sheep. Proving how rough it is to be a monkey in captivity, they planted 79 cloned embryos in 21 surrogate mothers. Six became actually pregnant, and two were born.

Also, yes, this does mean we are a lot closer to cloning humans, which is just terrifying.

Animal Culture

Did you know that bottlenose dolphins enjoy their own fashion? They do! Animals have culture, too!

To Do: Sleep

This one came up a TON in my feeds over the past week: writing down your to do list before bed can help you fall asleep. It seems to be more effective than writing about the day that already happened.

How to Stop Victim Blaming

If you've ever been a victim of anything, you'll know that we victim blame a LOT in our society. It's kind of a thing. This video does an excellent job of explaining where that comes from, and an easy way to fix it. (HINT: The easy way to fix it is to describe events from the perspective of the perpetrator, not the victim. We put ourselves in the shoes of the person whose story is being described, and imagine how we "would have done things differently" - if we do it from the perspective of the perpetrator, the blame falls in the right place.)

Low Self-Esteem Romance is Worse

A new study says that people with low self-esteem have partners who are less responsive to their problems, but that it might be due to the way they share their bad news.

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