Today is serious

Advice of the day: If at all possible, I recommend only loving someone else only to the level of loving how they make you feel, with no concern for them or their personal happiness.  Otherwise, once you start to love them as an actual person, you start to actually care about them and that dang personal happiness.  Once you get to this point you are screwed because it gets a lot harder to manipulate them into giving up their dreams to be with you, and you always want to be able to manipulate them into giving up their dreams to be with you.  That's like, step one of the relationship handbook.

Today my fellah is flying to Saskatoon to take the policing tests out there.

I am totally supportive.

I mean, what girlfriend wouldn't be supportive of her boyfriend going through the application procedure for a job that would make him move to one of the few places in her country that feels like a black hole of nothingness, right?

Also, I am incredibly supportive about the fact that the folks at the Saskatoon police department have sped up his application procedure, so he'll be writing the exam, taking the physical test, and doing the interviews and polygraph tests all in one week instead of over the course of months (or even a year) like all the other police forces that he's applied to.  It's so great that they're condensing the entire process, just so that he doesn't have to fly out there multiple times over the course of the year, and definitely doesn't make it more likely that he'll get a job offer out there before he even gets an interview with a local police force, forcing us both to make awesome, fun decisions between things like living where we want to live and having careers that are meaningful to us and being with each other.  I mean, I've only gotten the joy of making that decision once before in my life, and that was with someone who I kind of needed to break up with anyways.  I really need to experience this decision on a much more gut-wrenching level, don't you think?

So yeah.  I am super supportive, and just wanted to share with you all how supportive I am so you can see what a good girlfriend I am.  For real.

PS: As further evidence that Saskatoon is a black hole of nothingness in the middle of Canada, my computer doesn't recognize Saskatoon as a word.  Thanks for backing me up, spell-check!

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