Dance Pics

Where the Lovely Things Are has posted a collection of photos of people dancing that are... well, just lovely!  I highly recommend you look at them and marvel at how much fun dancing looks.  Then try dancing yourself and remember why it is that you usually refuse to move your body if without a drink or two.

There's just one picture that is driving me nuts:

Can someone please explain to me why it is that photos like this get people all twitterpaited?  Because, sure, from the waste up this girl is an adorable representation of a young ballerina who hasn't yet learned that the life of a dancer is a life of pain.  But could she try for just a second to turn her legs out?  REALLY?  Or is she just too carefree to have anything resembling proper form?

Listen sister, just because you're on pointe doesn't mean you're a good dancer!  The whole reason for being a dancer is to make other people feel bad that they are unable to hold their leg out behind them with their hips facing forward and their knees facing out to the sides!  Yes, it will ruin your body in 5-10 years and you will barely be able to walk like a normal person, but even then, everyone will be so impressed!  Do you understand how you are undermining the entire world of dance by doing this?  You are taking the impossibility out of it!  Anyone can hold their leg behind them if it's all turned IN like that.  DON'T YOU SEE?  You are taking away our POWER!

Oh, and don't hunch your left shoulder, sweety.  It makes you look cheap.

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  1. Agreed. This picture drives me nuts, too. I will also put up for dispute the position of her left hand.