Pregnancy and the Internet

Did you know that there's an entire stream of results when you type "pregnancy test results" into Youtube? Seriously.  About 1,010 people have taken video of themselves finding out if they're pregnant or not and then posted it on the internet!  Seriously!  (Repeating the same word with an exclamation mark one sentence later makes it important, by the way.)  If you don't believe me, go to Youtube right now and find out for yourself.  I'm not posting a link because I don't want to encourage this phenomenon any more than I already am by writing about it.

Does anyone else feel a mixture of sickness and intrigue with this?

I have watched two videos so far, one with a charming and adorable woman who is waiting with her boyfriend/husband/partner-dude to look at the stick.  In the other I got to see a woman take her sixth pregnancy test, complete with dipping the stick in a cup of her own urine.

Luckily, these two have been of people desperate to confirm their pregnancies, and not the other way around.  I just don't even want to imagine how terrifying it would be to watch a woman find out she's pregnant when she doesn't want to be.  In fact, I'm kind of scared to watch any more videos now, just in case.  Also, the little preview image of the next video in my stream is all night-vision-esque with a woman actually sitting on the toilet.  Good.  The sickness is outweighing the intrigue and I am backing away from the youtube.

On a utilitarian note, I never realized how much useful research there is to be done on Youtube if you're an actor.  Imagine, if you will a scenario: you are cast as a young woman who is trying to become pregnant and finally, it happens.  You have never been pregnant yourself and are having trouble figuring out what it's actually like to suddenly find out that you have successfully procreated.  In the past you might have talked to pregnant women and find out what it was like for them, tried different ways of trying to trick yourself into feeling it, or (if you're really method) gotten pregnant yourself.  Now you can type in "pregnancy test results" to Youtube and watch over a thousand videos of women finding out that they're pregnant.  Totally real women who aren't acting or anything.  Except that maybe some of them are, but if that's the case it's probably really good acting, in which case you're still learning!

PS: Just to clear things up, I was not spontaneously inspired to type "pregnancy test results" into Youtube for fun.  I came across the first video on the lovely women's magazine The Hairpin.

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