Apples are so last week

Does anyone else go through drastic fruit-appreciation phases?  Lately I've been all about apples.  It's been apples apples apples apples apples.  I couldn't get enough and I didn't want anything else.  Except maybe strawberries because they are the best.

Then suddenly it all ended.  I bought some apples last week at a little produce store, and as I was putting them in my basket, I realized that I didn't really want them.  This is likely because they were one of the softer apple varieties and had lots of bruises, and normally I would have stopped and picked out a preferred, firm genetically modified species of apple, but I was rushing because the store was closing when I got there but the guy let me in anyways.  Now I have these sad little apples, bruising their lives away in the chill drawer of my fridge, and all I can think about is oranges.  These pathetic little fruitlings have spoiled apples for me in general, and I have been forced to move on.

So it's official, oranges are the new apples.  This would all be great and a natural part of the life-fruit cycle, except that now I've got 5 apples that will either sit in my fridge until they rot enough that I feel less guilty about throwing them out, or that I will begrudgingly try to eat and have only 3 bites of before I hit a bruised section and throw them out.

Either way, life is no longer ideal.  First world middle class problems are SO DIFFICULT aren't they?


  1. I had an apple week last week too. This week I want pears. And strawberries. And GRAPES.

  2. I recommend blood oranges! They taste like there are raspberries in them.

  3. I'll take away your imperfect apples! hehe, I love apples so much.