Resolution: Failed

Remember when I made a St. Patrick's Day resolution to learn how to make my own alcohol to bring to the St. Pat's party I would be attending?  Totally didn't do it.  I promised to keep you guys posted, so here I am, reporting my failure!  Because I may not be reliable, but at least I follow through with my secondary promises.

Sorry, Shay, it'll be storebought booze if any that I bring tonight!

Dang, just realized I have to find something green to wear, otherwise everyone will judge me mercilessly!  I honestly can't think of a single green item of clothing that I own.  What is WRONG with me?

1 comment:

  1. You are not a failure, it was fine. I should have invited you to join me in my alcoholic cupcake making and then it could have counted for you. Next time, friend.