Every girl's dream

As everyone knows, little girls are generally nuts about weddings.  As soon as we're old enough to understand that the main point of getting married is throwing a party where you get the prettiest dress of your life and everyone spends the whole day looking at you and telling you how pretty you are, most of us are hooked.

Well, now we can add a new flavour to that dream: bulk purchasing.  That's right.  Costco sells wedding dresses!  And they're actually not too bad looking, albeit kind of generic.  But then that's part of growing up: realizing that every bride is incredibly generic looking except for you.  You are/will be stunning and unique in your slight variation on a white dress with sparkles on it.

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  1. 5 out of 6 of them I can't stand, yet that bottom middle one seems surprisingly better than the rest, in my eyes.