A new kind of resolution

I have decided that every holiday from now on will carry a resolution.  Why should January 1 get all the fun?  (Maybe because it rhymes with fun?  But even still, it also rhymes with 'bun', which might be why Mennonites invented New Year's Cookies that are called cookies but are really deep-fried lumps of dough and thus more closely resemble buns than cookies.)

Anyways, the next holiday belongs to St. Pat, and I'm pre-emptively resolving to try making my own ale for the celebratory day.  Or whatever fermented drink is easiest to make.

So far the only appealing-looking how-to I have found turned out to be a how-to for making cute Irish-looking labels for store bought spirits and had nothing to do with making the spirits themselves.  Looks like this is going more work than I thought, which really isn't surprising since I just came up with this entire idea when I saw a blog post titled "DIY projects: homemade leprechaun spirits" in my Google reader and thought 'Well, I can do that!"

So now it looks like I'll have to do some actual research if I'm going to stick with this whole resolution thing.  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. You could try making mead. I know a friend who made homemade mead and it was great. Also, it is a fairly Irish drink, making it appropriate for the day.

    PS- we will be hosting another St. Pat's party this year, still complete with Irish Carbomb Cupcakes. ;)

  2. Good suggestion dear! I will look into it and plan on sharing my libations at your place on the day. :)