Questionable Flowchart on Image-Posting Ethics

I have Design*Sponge on my google reader, mostly just for something pretty to scan past as I idly flip through the "All Items" section to pass the time/procrastinate.  Today, while flipping, I came across a very cute looking flowchart about the legal/etiquette rules for posting photos that aren't yours on your blog.

I was originally going to post it here to show you all, and I even have it downloaded onto my desktop for that express purpose, but then felt all guilty for posting an image about asking permission to use images without asking permission (even though I totally was going to give credit, and personally I think that should be good enough), and I just plain don't want to go through the effort of asking them permission to post the image.  Especially when I'm asking permission to post the image so I can criticize how poorly-made it is.

So do yourself a favour.  Go to this post on Design*Sponge and check out the flowchart.  Maybe open it in a separate window so that you can read my scathing criticisms while following along yourself.

Let me preface this criticism with the fact that I love a good flow chart.  I mean really, I do.  They make me very happy and every time I come across one on the internet I can't help but follow it, first answering the questions honestly and then over and over again testing different options and seeing what results I get.  Especially because these days it seems flowcharts have become a cool-graphic-design-nerd trend, and are usually very witty and fun, while still being enlightening.  Unfortunately, I am afraid this particular flowchart focused a little too much on the wit and fun and not enough on the enlightenment, and that this was the cause of its downfall.

You try it.  First pretend that the image is yours.  Easy, right?  The flowchart follows without a problem: if the image is yours, it is automatically beautiful and worth thrusting upon the internet for everyone to see.

Now come to a screeching halt in the entire process.  I got halfway through writing out the problems with the next phase of the flowchart (you didn't make the image and know who did) and then I remembered one critical detail: I am very busy today and don't have time to spend an hour writing about the faults with a flowchart.  So you're just going to have to figure this one out for yourselves, kids.

How's that for a half-finished blog post?  Bet you're glad you bothered reading it!

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