Learning! Roundup: If You Can't BE an Optimist, Marry One! (Also, astronauts have big brains, the real Mulan, and more!)

A photo of a black door with a plaque on the front that says "be optimistic"
Photo by Nathan Dumlao.

Marry an Optimist

I have shared research in the past about how optimists are healthier and live longer than those who struggle to see the bright side of things. If you are one of those people, take heart! You just have to marry an optimist and their positive outlook will actually improve your health!

Astronauts Have Bigger Brains

Literally, after an astronaut is in space for a long time, their brains increase in volume. Unfortunately, this just creates more intracranial pressure and actually makes their eyesight worse.

The Real Mulan

It's possible that the legend of Mulan is inspired by real Xianbei women who were travelling warriors. Cool!

Teachers Are Still Human

As much as we might like to think (or hope) that teachers are somehow "better people" than the rest of us (a tempting belief, since, you know, they hold our children's fragile minds in their hands), teachers are just as likely to hold unconscious racial bias as anyone. Turns out that just because they wanted to teach kids doesn't mean that they are immune to the white supremacist society we live in.

Late-Night Feelings

Night owls already have a rough go of things in this society, what with the fact that their sleep schedule completely contradicts how society has established work and life should happen. Well, science just made it a little worse for them: people who are night owls have worse emotional regulation and assertiveness than early risers or even the "regular" people who don't fall into either extreme.

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