Learning! Roundup: Optimists Live Forever, Conspiracy to Commit Crime, Liars Lie, and More!

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Optimists Live Forever

Okay, not forever, but optimists probably live longer. It looks like being an optimist is associated with living to age 85 or beyond. As an optimistic person, I'm not actually sure I like this! I think living past age 85 is a bit too long, I would rather go in my early 80's (which I suppose is not a very optimistic way of looking at things, so maybe I'm okay).

Conspiracy to Commit Crime

People who believe in conspiracy theories may be more likely to commit crimes. This could be because conspiracies reduce a sense of social cohesion.

Liar, Liar

Some people excel at telling lies. Turns out, men are more likely to consider themselves to be among these people, considering themselves to be better at lying and getting away with it more often. Those who like to lie, prefer to do so in person and with the people closest to them, which is... disturbing.

Not-So-Universal Emotions

There may be a word for anger in every language, but it doesn't necessarily actually mean the same thing. A new study shows that emotional concepts are not communicated in the same way across languages.

Anxious Facial Cues

People with Social Anxiety Disorder have been thought for some time to be more sensitive to negative facial cues. A new study confirms this, showing that people with social anxiety disorder who were primed to worry about being excluded became hypersensitive to changes when a person's face when from positive to negative. The problem is that this could actually lead someone to misread a situation, seeing negative expressions where they don't necessarily exist.

Ammo Control

If you don't like gun control, how about ammo control? A correlational study has shown that states that ban large-capacity magazines have fewer high-fatality mass shootings than those that allow them.

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