Learning! Roundup: Sweet Holiday Depression, Maternal Mortality Rates, Thinking of the Ancestors, and More!

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Sweet Holiday Depression

If you struggle with depression, in general or during the holidays, it's possible that avoiding sugar could help make it better. Sugar can trigger metabolic, inflammatory, and neurobiological processes tied to depression. Sorry!

Maternal Mortality Rates

A new analysis of maternal mortality rates in the United States shows that reducing the number of Planned Parenthood clinics in a state by 20% leads to an 8% in maternal death and legislation that decreases access to abortion in general can increase maternal mortality by 38%. YIKES.

Think of the Ancestors

When trying to motivate people to fight climate change, future generations are often cited. A new study suggests that it might be more effective to think of past generations instead. Looking at sacrifices that were made in the past can activate a sort of intergenerational reciprocity and motivate sacrifice today.

Narcissism May Be Helpful

Narcissism is generally talked about in incredibly negative terms, but new research has separated out two different aspects of narcissism and found that one can be helpful for emotional regulation. Narcissistic admiration, believing that you are Great and deserve to be seen as such, is linked with grandiosity and charmingness whereas narcissistic rivalry, or the belief that other people are trash, is linked with aggressiveness and asserting supremacy. Those on the admiration side have improved emotional regulation.

Vicarious Anxiety

New research shows that we worry more about the people we love than we do about ourselves. When someone we love is going on a flight, for example, we are more likely to worry something bad will happen to them than we worry about ourselves on that very same flight.

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