This Week in Church: Peace

Welcome to the series wherein I share my take-aways from church. The things that, I think, are beneficial to all of us to know or think about, whether or not we believe in any church-related things.

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This week in church we talked about peace.

We talked about peace as the presence of something good, not just the absence of conflict or strife. Peace as a sense of wholeness, bringing everything together in its rightful place, and justice. As good relations - not only between us and other people but between us and the planet. Us and ourselves.

Imagine a peaceful relationship between yourself and your inner critic. This was almost a throwaway line in the sermon, but it really struck me. First of all, because it implies that the inner critic is still there, I just have peace with it, which is, I think, more interesting and realistically than trying to banish it or shut it up.

What relationships do you have that could use some peaceful presence? Increased wholeness and right-relatedness? As much as I try to embrace body positivity, I do not have a peaceful relationship with my body. I also do not have a peaceful relationship with dating or my work or certainly my inner critic. Not because any of these things are entirely bad, but that they are not peaceful relationships.

How about you? Where do you need peace?

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