Learning! Roundup: Rewriting Heartbreak, Judging Speech, World Records, and More

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Rewriting Heartbreak

We may not be at an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-level of ability to rewrite our brain's experiences, but a new therapy has been discovered that can alter your brain's recollection of heartbreak. By recalling the memory while on beta-blocking medication, it re-encodes is with dampened emotions. Question is: would you write the sadness out of your heartbreak?

Judging Speech

I may wish we lived in a class-less society, but it's just not the case, even in North America where there are no explicit class levels beyond broader upper/middle/lower. We (or at least Americans) are also quick and accurate in our judgements of other people's social class, by listening to them say as few as seven words.

Judging Fashion

But what if you can't hear someone talk? How will you judge them then? By their clothes, of course! In a new study, men dressed in "wealthier"-looking clothes were judged as more competent. Because of course, if you're rich you must be good at something, right?

A New Record

The earth's levels of carbon dioxide have reached a 3 million-year high. Woo?

Drummers' Brains

Playing the drums changes your brain structure! The connections between brain hemispheres are fewer, but thicker, and the part of the brain that handles motor activity is organized more efficiently.

Safe Sex

Your attachment style may be related to your likelihood of using condoms during sex! Avoidant attachment folks are more likely to use condoms, whereas those with anxious attachment are likely to go without, even when risk of STI is present. No word on what the securely attached folks do - probably the perfectly right thing for the situation.

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