Recommended Listen: All Our (Socially Distanced) Relations

This is the cover image for the All My Relations podcast episode. It has pictures of hands holding with the text "All Our (Socially Distanced) Relations" overtop

I listen to a lot of podcasts. About two weeks ago, all of them, the comedy podcasts, true crime podcasts, and weird paranormal podcasts, suddenly all became COVID-19 podcasts.

It didn't take long for me to just skip past any episode that talked for more than a minute or two about the pandemic. I am getting my reliable info from other sources and don't really need to hear someone who talks about Harry Potter for a living pontificate about a pandemic, thanks.

AND YET, here I am, recommending you all go listen to the episode of the All My Relations podcast about COVID-19.

All My Relations is a podcast hosted by two Native women about their relationships with the planet, other creatures, and other humans. It is generally enlightening an delightful.

This episode is a mix of interviews with medical professionals as well as elders and folks invested in their ancestral, Indigenous practices and medicines.

I had two big takeaways.

One was to learn about and explore traditional medicine more deeply.

I am interested to learn the traditional medicines of the people whose land I live on now as well as to explore any traditional health practices from my own lineage that might be out there.

How did my ancestors maintain a healthy relationship with their bodies, community, and land? What about the Indigenous folks whose land I live on? What can I learn from how they relate to one another? How does all of this relate to modern medicine? (And to be clear, my understanding is that modern medicine is a fully respected by those who practice traditional medicines, so there is no conflict there.)

The other takeaway is connected to the first: our emotional life is a very important part of health.

That means it's important to do things that make us feel happy, connected, satisfied, useful, or otherwise good as often as we are able.

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