Inspiration! Roundup: Leaving and Waving, Rules for Living, Hanging by a String, and More!

A photo of a white brick wall. There are coloured stripes in yellow, blue and green, and over it is painted in cursive, "make people feel loved today."
This Week's "I want to go to there":
Let's all try to make people feel loved! Now, more than ever.
Photo by Clay Banks.

Leaving and Waving

Deanna Dikemann's photo series, "Leaving and Waving" is a collection of 27 years' worth of photos of her parents waving goodbye to her while she drove away from their home. It's a beautiful reminder of a universal experience of being wished farewell.

Rules for Living

This post of rules for living is lovely:

Rules for Living
by Dr. Pratima Raichur
i. Simplify your day
ii. Prioritize proper nutrition
iii. Sleep well
iv. Notice your thoughts

I searched Dr. Raichur to see what their deal was, and discovered a website for Pratima Skincare, declaring them a skincare specialist who combines Ayurvedic medicine with chemistry and botany. The first thing I saw on the site was their advice for staying healthy during COVID, and I'll admit, I was concerned. I have seen enough practitioners of holistic health say that you can prevent illness with their crystals or essential oils.

Her advice is sound, though. Sure, it includes some things that I wouldn't see as scientific or necessarily effective, as well as a few items that feel like overkill, but it is based on basic hygiene and health principles of diet, rest, washing, and mindfulness, as well as her personal experience. It's worth reading.

Hanging by a String

Vicki Ling's series of paintings depicting various objects precariously hanging from string is just magical in its beauty and tension.

Two Things

This article by Khe Hy is a wonderful reminder that two things can be true at once. Everything can be falling apart and also the most wonderful thing can have just happened. You can be so grateful that your loved ones don't have coronavirus and terrified for your elderly neighbour. You can feel isolated and wish you had a family and also so glad that you aren't trying to raise a young child in this. The rain can flood your basement and also be the reason your food grows.

Our brains don't love holding opposing truths at the same time, but they are there, and they are both true.

It Will All Be Okay

For many people, things are not okay right now. Let this lovely illustration by Nata remind you that it will be.

via Curious Brain

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