Learning! Roundup: Will COVID Help Us Save Ourselves from Climate Change? (Also, Abstinence, Ageing, and Selfies!)

A close up photo of a sign at a protest that says "The climate is changing, so should we! Act now!"
Photo by Markus Spiske.

COVID and Climate Change

We are in the midst of a huge global experiment right now: with so much human activity slowed or even stopped, will we get more time to fight climate change? Are we seeing how capable we are of making significant changes to our lifestyles? Or are we simply spending all the money that would have gone to green projects to keep our economies afloat now? This article dives into the different perspectives.

Abstinence Pledges

Another study has been added to the huge pile of research showing that abstinence-only education, where you teach teens that they shouldn't have sex instead of teaching them about birth control and STI's and consent doesn't work. The kids who take abstinence pledges still have the same amount of sex as their counterparts AND they are less likely to use condoms or other forms of protection.

Healthy Ageing

It looks like diet and exercise can have a powerful impact on keeping your brain healthy as you age... if you have the right genes. Otherwise, I guess don't worry about it?

Selfie Time

I don't know about you, but I'm seeing my face on screens WAY MORE these days than I usually do! From all the video conferences to the fact that I feel compelled to take and share more content online, I'm getting more and more used to what my face looks like on screen. Luckily, new research shows that taking selfies isn't bad for your self-esteem (which I guess was a concern), but that editing them is.

Autistic and Social Buddies

Neurotypical people tend to think of those on the autism spectrum as more awkward and less warm to be around and might write them off quickly as people to socialize readily with, but new research confirms what those on the autism spectrum have probably known all along: they make great social partners, we just need to give them a chance.

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