Inspiration! Roundup: Finding Pockets of Relief

A photo of two young women standing on the beach with their arms around each other, smiling.
This Week's "I want to go to there": Truly cannot WAIT to hug someone again.
Photo by Omar Lopez.

Pockets of Relief

"You are not betraying your grief by feeling joy. You are not being graded. You are not receiving extra credit for being miserable 100% of the time. Find pockets of relief, even happiness, when and where you can. Keep moving."
-Maggie Smith

Light in the Darkness

Photographer Lucas Zimmerman has a collection of photos of traffic lights casting coloured light in the darkness and dang if it isn't the perfect combination of beautiful and desolate, hopeful and lonely, for this time.

Sending Flowers

Museums and art galleries are sending each other virtual bouquets in the form of images of flowers and botanicals from their current collections. It is a very sweet and simple example of shared love and respect in this difficult time and my heart is warmer now that I know about it.

Muted Spring

Honestly, I was going to share a different image by illustrator Diana Pedott (this one, because it's an ephemeral hug that really speaks to my lived/imagined experience of affection right now), but then I saw this on her website and was taken with the muted spring vibes.

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