This May Be the Best Small Talk Alternative to Asking "What Do You Do For a Living?"

Photo by Trung Thanh.

Normally I think these "alternative small talk" questions are so weird and inappropriate. No, I do not want a stranger asking me what my greatest joy is, thank you very much!

However, this one got me all excited: without using the title of your job, tell me what you do.

Tinker Elle did it on Twitter, and here are some of the wonderful responses:

"I make dead people look beautiful & feared." -@DoththeDoth

"Try to not let people leave without taking home at least one cat." -@BrianinHD

"I know why you died." -@drjudymelinek

"I help turn wind into electricity so that we can all charge our phones and stare into the Twitter abyss while melting fewer ice caps." -@annemcmurray

So how would you describe your job? I can think of a few versions, but this is my current favourite:

I let theatre artists make theatre for a little while.

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