Recommended Read: Put Yourself on Low Power Mode

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This is a great idea, and a surprisingly straightforward way to communicate with others your needs: when you're feeling depleted, put yourself on low power mode.

While low power mode seems hard to define in a precise way - sure, it's cutting out all extraneous activities and only doing what is essential, but what does that actually mean - intuitively it makes a lot of sense.

If my colleague told me she was going into "low power mode", I would assume to only hear back from her on essential communications, and that she will respond more slowly. That the vital elements of her job will get done, but other things will wait.

If my friend told me they were going on "low power mode", I would assume that meant they might be cancelling some upcoming plans or that instead of going out I should bring over a pizza and bottle of wine.

The particulars might be different, but the basic idea is obvious: don't expect as much from me right now.

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