Feeling Better: Mental Health Month

Photo by Sabrina Miso

March is Mental Health Month! For the month, I have partnered with Grace Club YVR, a wonderful organization of women working towards equality and empowerment, to share excerpts from Feeling Better: A Field Guide to Liking Yourself on their Instagram feed.

To celebrate, here is a short excerpt to share with you!

"I am awesome, first and foremost, because I am a person and that's what people are. So are you. I didn't always see things this way. I used to perceive my value (if I had it at all) as based on my accomplishments, what I had produced. While there is some good that results from this worldview, like providing the drive to actually contribute something to society, I now see it as more dangerous than not. If my true value comes only from what I produce, I am under constant pressure to keep going, keep performing, keep creating, and do more, more, more. There is never the freedom to stop, lest everyone see what a failure of a human I really am underneath it all."

Head over to Grace Club's Instagram account for more!

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