Learning! Roundup: The Gender Chore Gap, Meritocracy, Alzheimer's, and More!

A roundup of research from the past week, including the gender chore gap: girls do twice the chores boys do growing up.
Photo by Chloe Skinner.

The Gender Chore Gap

Teenage girls spend twice the amount of time doing chores than teen boys, on average. PLUS the average teen boy gets double the allowance than the average girl. So, basically, it's no surprise that teen boys grow into men who expect to earn more money and don't even notice that the house needs to be tidied up or that all the women around them are busy doing chores while they watch TV. It's normal. (Cue stifled rage-scream.)

Believing in the Meritocracy is Bad for You

Meritocracy is the idea that people are rewarded for their intelligence and hard work (or their merit). That everyone earns their place. Not only is this not true about the world, but it's bad for your health to believe in it. Truth is, luck plays a huge role (both in giving people the opportunity to earn their merit, as well as helping it turn into success), and people who believe in merit are more likely to be selfish, discriminatory, and less self-reflective.

Light Shows Might Improve Alzheimer's

A new study has shown that patients with Alzheimer's who are exposed to an hour bathed in flashing LED lights and sounds pulsing at 40 hertz might see their symptoms improve. It's a pretty wild and incredible idea!

Plastic Kills Whale

A whale was found dead with 40kg of plastic in its stomach. It's the worst case of plastic killing a sea creature yet.

Trigger Warnings

A new study on trigger warnings showed that at least one of their desired effects does not work: getting a trigger warning before exposure to difficult subject matter did not reduce its negative impact. This was true for people who previously had negative experiences related to the content and those who didn't. Of course, this looked at people who are still exposed to the upsetting content. Nothing yet on whether trigger warnings help people who know they can't handle certain things avoid them all together.

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