Learning! Roundup: Just Go to Sleep, Home Fires, Gender Nonconforming Kids, and Ghosts!

A roundup of learning and research from the past week, including the fact that sleep is the most valuable thing you can do for your health and also women get bored in bed first.
Photo by Sam Roach.

Just Go to Sleep

There is so much research to back this up: the best thing you can do for your health is get enough sleep. How do you know you're getting enough sleep? Waking up without the need for an alarm AND without feeling like death. (I know, that's a tough standard to meet.)

Try Something New

Getting bored is just a thing that happens in couples who have been together a very long time. The cure? Do something that is new for both of you - together. Engaging in self-expanding activities re-ignites keeps those home fires burning!

Lady Fires

Speaking of keeping the home fires burning - thanks to sexism we tend to think that men are the ones who seek novelty in the bedroom first, but actually, research shows that women get bored in bed more quickly than men.

Treating Gender Nonconforming Kids

A Norwegian clinical psychologist has done one of the first studies looking at what it's actually like for clinicians to treat trans and gender nonconforming kids. Interestingly, it seems that the issues around pushing for a gender transition come more often from the adults and institutions in the kids' lives, not the kids themselves. It's almost as if the adults still need the kid to fit into one gender role or the other, whereas the kids are okay knowing they live somewhere in between.

Scientific Reasons for Ghosts

I'll admit it, I am afraid of ghosts. I have never had a true "encounter" myself, but that doesn't seem to matter: I am not convinced that ghosts are real, and I am simultaneously afraid of them. So I like to learn things like this: six scientific explanations for ghosts. When people experience supernatural encounters, it is remarkably likely one of these is going on. Truly scary is the fact that some hallucinations are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, which might turn you into a ghost.

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