Inspiration! Roundup: Nunzio Paci, Leaving Room for Flowers, The Finest of Grooves, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": hiding is always an option.
Photo by Carlos Arthur M.R.

Creepy Beautiful

Nunzio Paci's dark surrealism, with flowers sprouting out of peeled-back animals, is rather entrancing, don't you think?

Leave Room for Flowers

I love this post on Kottke about the idea of leaving room among practical things for some beauty. The example he gives is a vegetable garden that also has some beautiful flowers in it.

It makes me think of sparking joy with Marie Kondo, too. It's reimagining your everyday things and spaces so that they aren't just functional, but beautiful.

The Finest of Grooves

I am so IN for this girl's groove.

Global Guides

Penn Museum has hired Middle Eastern refugees to act as guides to their Middle Eastern art and culture exhibit. They tell personal stories related to the items, creating a real connection to the lives that they came from.

I don't think this undoes the weird, uncomfortable relationship Western museums often have with other cultures and histories, and I do think this is a super cool way to connect people to a culture that might seem distant.

Animal Yogis

I am tickled by Bruno Pontiroli's illustrations of animals doing yoga poses.

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