Cute! Roundup: Feed the Bears, Alpacas, a Happy Cow, and More!

At the book launch I was given a few bouquets of flowers (so nice!) and the only way to keep them safe from Gertie (who eats everything that even looks like it might be a plant) was to put them out on the balcony. She was not pleased about the situation.

Also! Being out in the cold seems to have preserved those flowers - they are still looking quite sharp after over a week! So if you get flowers that you want to keep pretty, consider putting them on your balcony instead of inside your house.

A roundup of cute things to brighten your week, including cats, alpacas, a cow, and a bear eating strawberries


OMG! I want to feed a bear sugared strawberries TOO! (Is it weird that my first thought was that she didn't take the hulls off, though?)

A bunch of alpacas get an unfamiliar visitor.

This is a happy cow.

When your little bro doesn't want to get his feet cold.


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