Learning! Roundup: Glacier Retreat, Talking to Drunk People, GMO Opinions, and More!

A roundup of research and learning from the last week, including the fact that the glaciers are in retreat and we can have preventative treatments for depression.
Photo by Fabrizio Conti.

Glacier Retreat

One of the many bad things that happens with global warming is the melting of glaciers that contribute to sea level rise. Well.... One of the bigger glaciers we've got, Thwaites, has a huge cavity inside that is almost as big as Manhattan. While its melting won't contribute much to sea level rise, because the cavity is underwater, it supports a number of other glaciers that, once melted, will bring sea levels up 2.44 metres.

Talking to Drunk People

When drunk people witness a crime, police often think it's best to wait until they sober up to ask them about what happened, but that is the wrong strategy. It turns out that their inebriated selves give better reports of what happened. Basically, everyone remembers what happened best if they are asked immediately.

GMO Opinions

People who are the most opposed to genetically modified foods think they know the most about them, but actually know the least.

Depression Prevention

We have some good treatments for depression, once a person has it, but so far haven't done much of anything to prevent depression from happening in the first place. Well, it turns out that cognitive behavioural therapy, the best treatment to date for depression, can be used preventatively! It even helps prevent about 50% of cases in those at high risk.


Thinking kind thoughts about yourself and others in your life is not only good for your metaphorical heart, but your physical heart as well. It reduced heart rate and sweat response, two physical signs of safety that are good for health and resilience.

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