Recommended Read: 3 Philosophers Set Up a Booth on a Street Corner

Three philosophers set up a booth on a street corner to answer your questions

I love this! Three philosophers set up a booth in a fair and answered people's questions. The results are telling.

It seems the main thing adults were worried about was how to be happy with their lives and make the most of the time they had. A child came along with the toughest question of all (which, of course, I will leave as a dangling mystery so that you click on the link).

We do spend a lot of time worrying about making the most of our lives and being happy, don't we? I mean, I just published a book called Feeling Better, and when I found it on the shelves in Chapters stores it was surrounded by books with titles like "Feeling Good" and "Feeling Happy" (it seems I hit on a trend with the title of my book).

Despite the fact that I have joined the legions of authors telling other people how they can feel better about their lives, I wonder if we've gotten a little too stuck on this one. I think by now we're all pretty aware that our lives shouldn't be (nor can they be) constant bliss, but perhaps we still think we can and should be making the most out of every moment. Never letting them pass us by. (Whatever that means - they are passing, after all. There goes one!)

Luckily, we have some generous and enterprising philosophers on the street, helping us sort it out.

Philosophers might actually be able to help us with some of life's questions.
Photo by Tbel Abuseridze.

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