Learning! Roundup: Robot Eye Surgeons, Health Effects of Separating Kids from Parents, Sext Etiquette, and More!

Could this be your next surgeon?
Photo by Franck V.


A robot has performed eye surgery for the first time! And it worked!

Health Effects of Separating Children from Parents

There are many reasons why separating children from their parents is cruel and evil. One is the negative health impact on the children, including regressed development, poor sleep, and self-harm.


New research shows that people who are more comfortable with ambiguity are also most likely to trust other people. Makes sense - trust is basically accepting an unknown outcome.

Sext Etiquette

This may be unsurprising, given our current #metoo conversations, but a study has shown that we perceive the appropriateness of unsolicited sexy texts differently based on the gender of the sender. Men who send unsolicited sexual messages are seen as less appropriate than women who do it. Makes sense given everything we know about traditional gender roles and each party's feeling of safety therein.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Turns out that the Stanford Prison Experiment was basically a sham. It has been criticized in the past, but new reports have shown that the guards (who Zimbardo claimed just naturally fell into their authoritarian roles) were coached in cruelty and that the famous prisoner freak-out was a performance.

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